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03-10-2016 17:18:49
FSUI Demonstrated infornt of DCI office at Kochi against the handing over of vessel to manning agency who has been allowted the tender at very low cost and the existing crew of the vessel who are engaged from 2006 onwards are going to loose their job.    
11-11-2016 15:29:24
FSUI agitation against DCI

12-11-2016 10:41:10
DCI Protest  
World Aids day was organised on 1st of december 2016 and free medical check up camp was organised for Seafarers Port Workers and Road Transport workers. the participation of women and youth was appreciable.
02-12-2016 14:31:10
World Aids Day 2016

12-12-2016 13:36:44
Benefits for Working and Retired Seafarers
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FSUI has travelled a long way during last 52 years
Today, FSUI is the biggest union of seamen in the shipping industry
With more than 27,000 members With branches at Mumbai, Chennai, Tuticorin, Vizag, Kochi, Port Blair, Lakshadweep