Ans : (Acquired immune deficiency) is a disease caused by virus called  HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The illness alters the immune system, making people much more vulnerable to infections and diseases. This susceptibility worsens as the disease progresses.


Ans : HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person.

How It Transfer :

Ans : The virus transfer from one person to another person through following reasons.

·         By Unprotected Vaginal, Anal and Oral Sexual Contacts.

·         By Unprotected Blood Transfer from One Men to Another.

·         From Pregnant Mother to their babies.

·         From Infected Mother to babies while feeding the breast milk.

·         From Contaminated Hypodermic Needles.


HIV & AIDS both the virus and the disease are normally referred together. People Infected with HIV are having more chance to get Aids rather than normal men. And the infected person with AIDS can ultimately lead to death.


Birth of HIV :  Basically the Origin of HIV is West Central Africa in the late Nineteenth.

CURE   : Currently no cure for HIV/AIDS by taking medicine you can slow down the course of disease and some time person who are infected with, can live a long and healthy life.

Latest Update of Infected People World Wide till September 25th, 2013:

UNAIDS Reported that since 2001, the numbers of HIV infections among children felt by 52% worldwide, and by 33% among adults and children combined.


Differences Between HIV & AIDS ?

HIV is the virus which attack the T-Cells in the immune System.

AIDS is the syndrome which appears at 3rd of last stage of HIV

HIV + infected patient can live without AIDS but in majority cases HIV Fast development convert it into AIDS.


Some time many people have no sign and symptoms for several years. Other may develop symptoms similar to fever.

A Sign of sudden loss of weight, Swelling, Rash, change in skin color.  

Symptoms of Early HIV Infection

·         Fever

·         Join pain

·         Sweats

·         Enlarged glands

·         A red rash

·         Tiredness

·         Weakness

·         Weight loss

Late Stage of HIV infection

·         Diarrhea

·         Dry cough permanent tiredness

·         Shortness of breath

·         Blurred vision


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